The Problem

Maybe you’re tired of getting the wrong person? They looked good on their resume? Empty space and desks not being utilised? They started and didn’t work out = COSTLY

The Solution

EasyChoiceHire is exactly how it reads, we find this easy, we provide you with choices enabling you to hire in confidence. Or you decide to use the team, we already have in place? We now that got your attention?

Marketing, Sales, Admin all working hand in hand right? Yet you are not in a position to take them all on full time, or even part-time. So why not consider remote virtual assistants? 

Get the Marketers Marketing, allowing the sales team more time to sell by passing the administration tasks and duties to the administration team. All sounds easy right? Well it is with EasyChoiceHire.

Systems in place to allow for an efficient flowing team, all responsible for key tasks and duties. So where is this workplace, as at times it’s absolutely chaos around your desk. 

It’s by using EasyChoiceHire . Simple, Smart and Strategic recruitment at a cost not to be sniffed at.

Our Products

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Directly Hire a candidate
to fill an open vacancy Full
or Part Time

Job applicants waiting for interview

Work with a pool of high calibre candidates within our
pool of staff

group of people working together for a project

Hire our Project team to
come in and assess
your situation

woman standing in a business meeting

Let our team support your recruitment every step of the way, fixed costs

Begins to make sense saving all that time dealing with daily stress in the office right?

  • Ramp up and slow down when you need too
  • Takes the pain out or reading applicants not suited to what your want
  • Get high calibre candidates to your inbox all ready to go
  • Virtual Task driven team members who enjoy the stuff you hate
  • Professional working for you at costs that are hard to believe.

If we have you really thinking then now is the time to contact us and get busy

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