Start your own reward program today with myleadpod

MyLeadPod is a professional Cash Reward Platform for individuals and businesses to send and receive leads. Our process is simple and easy, enabling any business to create their own Cash Referral Reward Program.

Cash Rewards Programs the Right Way

Cash reward programs are often avoided by many businesses because the notion is that it is like giving something for nothing.

The truth is, it is not really the concept of cash reward programs that does not work. Where the problem lies is in its implementation. Here at MyLeadPod, we do as much as we can to tailor fit a cash reward program that works for you.

Our program is very simple, we let you create a Cash Referral Reward Program that allows you to send and receive leads. In our experience, it works, and is satisfying for both the business owner and the customers.

What Do Reward Programs Do in the Long Run?

Any business looking into cash reward referral programs wants to know what they get in return for implementing it. The ‘what’s in it for me’ is always very important.

Indeed, what you get back is often what drives businesses to implement cash reward referral programs. While leads are one of the most immediate results of the implementation, there is one more important result.

That result is customer loyalty. A company’s loyal customers are its most profitable. Each year they become less costly to serve. It is a well-known fact that it is more expensive to attract new customers than to keep old ones. Using a cash reward and referral program is a way of keeping them happy and loyal. We can help you with that.

10 Key Steps to Success in MyLeadPod

You only have one chance to make a first impression:

    1. Upload an image for your profile to be easily recognised. How to upload your profile image
    2. Make sure the Description of what you offer is optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – so others can easily find you on MyLeadPod). How to add details “About” your account

Make sure MyLeadPod users and all your contacts know what Cash Rewards you offer for successful leads:

Set-up a Rewards Program: How to Create a Reward Program
Create Custom Rewards: How to set-up Custom Reward Codes

Ensure that everyone you exchange details with knows about your Reward Program. You can find predesigned materials here – you just need to add your brand and layout. Find the details: How to design MyLeadPod referral cards

Furthermore, add the MyLeadPod logo to all the channels where your business is presented; emails, website, brochures etc. MyLeadPod Branding resources

Invite other MyLeadPod Users to join your Pod by adding their Reward Codes, or via a customised invitation.How to Invite others into my Pod (add Reward Code)

These links can be embedded in your signature or a MyLeadPod logo in your email or on your website: How to share a Reward Code

Add the “Join my Rewards program” form to your website. How to share a Reward Code with embedded Form

Facebook: How to share a Reward Code with Facebook

LinkedIn: How to share a Reward Code with LinkedIn

Twitter: How to share a Reward Code with Twitter

Do unto others… send leads to your connections and grow your business base –How to “Send a Lead” 

How to Ask for Leads using MyLeadPod

When you receive a lead, you will be notified via email and on the MyLeadPod app, once you are in the app you have the option to ‘acknowledge’ you received the lead, once you have contacted the lead you can then register if the lead was ‘successful or ‘unsuccessful’

Paying promptly and generously is a great way to further encourage your network of clients, friends and family to send you more leads that will result in sales. How to pay Rewards for leads