Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please ask the team for other platforms

This is determined by the product you choose. It can range from 5 to 14 a week
Monday to Sunday, but this depends on the Social Media package you choose
Yes! We stay ahead of schedule, allowing you to see the posts.
Simply reach out to your Social Media Manager, they will take care of them

As part of our onboarding process, we discuss this and advise the best times

Yes! Just ask we will accommodate more, we’re here to help always.

Very Quickly, when you’re ready, we will be ready. Few days max!

Simply contact us, discuss what’s needed. We will agree on the change date

Monthly agreement, cancel with 7 days notice in writing. You’re in control

As soon as your monthly payment is made, within 48 hrs or sooner.

Make a 2-week payment upfront, then we can accept weekly rates.

  • You will have a dedicated Social Media Manager assigned to your work
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