The Problem

“Don’t worry, I will get that done soon, oops forgot, didn’t seem that important. You can’t find what you’re looking for, I am sure I put it in that folder, damn I just deleted it.”

Too busy to do the basics, common issue when running a business, concentrating on the end goal rather than the metric that allows the goal to be made easier, we all do it, so don’t think you’re alone, you are in the majority, hence we at NewBizMarketing get so busy. Dealing with the things you hate.

Automate things, makes sense, I will file this under the “Easy to remember file” Now where did that go? 

Costs so much to pay for someone to do the basics, especially when you can do it all, so my question is always, “if you were not tied up doing admin, how would your business flourish?”

The Solution

Efficient task hungry team members who can chew up tasks 10 times faster, be extra efficient and find things quickly to enable you to play more online games in the office.

Have a team member concentrate on the parts you may fail in, or your efficient enough to allocate other tasks you really don’t enjoy doing. But Admin comes in many different often measured deliverable outcomes. Efficient admin increases productivity, it also returns money on investment because things speed up and things get done, often in real time.

Hourly tasks can be set, pay by the hour, the day or the task, all things Admin can be achieved. You just need to ask.

Our Products


Outsource the things
you hate, we love them

arts build close up commerce

Have a particular project that needs a lot of admins, we’re good at it

Typing on laptop

Load content into files, websites even Data entry into your CRM


Calendar management, diary management even book that ticket for you

Whatever the tasks are that you hate, we love them, nothing is to small for us to say no to.

  • Free up more time allowing you to concentrate on what your business does
  • Get chores done, fast efficient to a very high quality
  • Save on costs, allowing us to get it done
  • Going away? We got that for you as well
  • Efficiencies improve, because the basics are being done

So now is the right time to contact us and get those tasks that you have been putting off “DONE”

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